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Yoga with Your Baby

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Price: $19.95

Yoga With Your Baby supports new parents on the transition into parenthood. This DVD weaves together important teachings from yoga, Buddhism, psychology and neuroscience in an engaging and interactive format. Parents are guided through yoga poses in a creative style and are encouraged to engage their infants and toddlers in yoga postures as they sing songs and explore playful movement together.


  • 20 yoga poses for you and your baby
  • 3 yoga practices designed especially for you: Deep Relaxation, Breathing Practice and Meditation
  • Select from 2 audio tracks: Baby (3 months 17 months) or Toddler (18 months 4 years)
  • Inspiring songs to sing to your baby
  • Parenting Tips: Changing Diapers, When Baby Cries and Healthy Boundaries
  • Total running time: Over 100 minutes long
  • 16:9 Widescreen format

Product ID: yogababydvd