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                                              Baby Yoga
                                             iPhone App
                                               Ages 3 months and older

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Please email Jackie at jackie@yogawithlove.com

Baby Yoga iPhone App Description:
Foster a loving connection to your little one as you gently introduce him/her to yoga.

Your baby can do yoga, and this application will show you how! 

Toddlers enjoy this app too!

As you teach your baby yoga poses, you'll be guided by professional video demonstrations, written descriptions, and still photos.

A wonderful application for those rainy days when you are stuck at home alone with your baby and want to stretch, breathe and connect with your little one in a loving way.

--Professionally filmed, high quality video demonstrations shot in HD
--Pleasant sounding voice offering instructions
--Sweet, simple songs that you can sing along with the poses
--Soft, sensuous sounds, colors, lighting and tones are soothing and uplifting
--Written descriptions offering additional tips accompany the video demonstrations
--Modified instructions/suggestions for toddlers and older children
--Still photographs of traditional yoga poses accompany each modified baby pose
--Learn Sanskrit names of traditional poses
--Learn benefits of each pose

--Increases your baby's strength and flexibility
--Improves your baby's balance
--Calms and soothes your baby
--Supports your baby's brain development
--Increases your baby's neuromuscular development
--Helps your baby relieve gas and constipation
--Improves your baby's blood and lymph circulation
--Facilitates the diapering & clothes changing process
--Strengthens your bond with your baby
--Facilitates secure attachment as you practice attuning and responding lovingly to your little one

Comparing the iPhone App to the DVD:
The Baby Yoga iPhone app offers a quick reference for the content on the DVD. Instead of watching the entire DVD, you can scroll to your favorite baby yoga pose, click on it, and watch a 10 to 20 second video clip. The app also allows you to read written instructions for the pose, and then see a still picture of the traditional yoga posture with its English and Sanskrit name and the benefits of the pose.

The DVD offers more in-depth video footage, along with additional practices for parents, including relaxation and breathing practices, and parenting tips.

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This will encourage other parents to buy it and give it a try!