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"My son started to resist the diaper changing process a while ago. Now, when he resists, I just start singing 'side to side' and he smiles and enjoys the diaper changing process. It really works! I love how Jackie's teachings changed a challenging task into a precious moment of interaction."
- Keiko Sato-Parry, Mother of 1 year-old & 4 year-old

"I'm finding the DVD very valuable as an interactive vehicle for joy and mindful moments.  I find it a powerful tool for initiating interaction between my baby and older children. When I put the DVD on when the other children were in the room, they first heard the music, looked at the video, and then requested (quite enthusiastically) to do yoga with the baby...both introductions resulting in a memorable and priceless, impromptu session of yoga and singing on the kitchen floor." - Amie B.

"This program is like an answered prayer. I was struggling with some postpartum blues and was looking for something to help me feel more connected to my son. This is just what I was hoping for - a practice that guides me in feeling more present with my baby. Thank you!"
- Leisa Tesfazghi, Mother of 1 year-old

"My 4 year old granddaughter absolutely loves watching Yoga With Your Baby! She even brings her baby dolls with her and she teaches them yoga!"
-Donne Davis, Mother, Grandmother & Founder of GaGa Sisterhood

"Yoga With Your Baby has introduced a new way for my sister's husband to spend time with his daughter - as well as introducing him to yoga in the comfort of their apartment. My sister really enjoys practicing the DVD because she says it makes Iana (their daughter) very happy - laughing and giggling most of the way."
- Teresa Kung

"Our son has been doing yoga with Jackie at our childcare facility ever since he was an infant. Now he is 3 years old, and we are so impressed with his motor skills and coordination. The other day, he was in Warrior 3 pose, balancing easily on one foot saying, 'Hey Dad! Look at me!' Jackie makes learning fun for our son."
- Father of a 3 year-old

"In the past, I would go to classes for my toddler with preconceived ideas of how the class should be; how my daughter should follow instructions and enjoy the class the way other children did. If she did not participate appropriately, I'd often mistake her absence of movement or lack of singing as a sign of boredom or underdevelopment.
Today, with Jackie's encouragement during the Yoga with Your Baby class, I decided I would try something different. I watched my daughter. I saw her, what she wanted to do or not do, who she wanted to be or not be, what she wanted to sing or not sing. I saw her light. I saw that she needed me to understand her wondrous mystery.
As we ended the class in 'Sleeping Yogis' (Savasana), my daughter did not want to lie on top of me as I hoped. So instead of forcing her to lie on me, I let her show me her way. As I gave her space, she gently rested her head on my lower abdomen and pelvis. I stroked her hair and watched the rise and fall of the beautiful black curls on her head as my abdomen moved slowly up and down with my breath.
Today I truly witnessed and understood my daughter's oceanic nature, ebbing away from me and flowing to me.
I honor her rhythm."
-K. Patel, Doctor of Osteopathy, Family Physician

"I loved the singing, the yoga poses, the dancing, the Metta (lovingkindness) ... Congratulations! What a great concept. I think many moms & dads will really enjoy the DVD."
-Sarah Powers, Master Yoga Teacher

"Most toys today encourage babies to entertain themselves. Jackie's program encourages heartfelt human contact, which is what babies need most for healthy development."
-Daniel Aronzon, MD, Pediatrician
President and CEO, Vassar Brothers Medical Center

"Jackie teaches a new way to move with your baby, integrating the ancient techniques of yoga with the latest research on parent-child bonding. This DVD promotes health and well-being for both babies and parents. You will discover a way to move with your baby that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed."
-Terry Stein, MD
Director, Clinician-Patient Communication
The Permanente Medical Group

"Research in neuroscience and psychology demonstrates that one of the best things you can do to facilitate your baby's brain development and help him/her establish the neural framework for emotional well-being and resilience later in life is to spend quality time attuning to your baby and responding sensitively and appropriately to his/her cues. Jackie Long has developed an enriching program to help parents apply these important principles."
-John Ruark, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford Medical School

"The challenge of translating deep wisdom from the neurosciences into ordinary language capable of being understood by human beings under three years old is a considerable one. To see such a "translation" accomplished with consummate skill, elegance and artistic integrity, is to witness real genius at work. Jackie Long's new video, Yoga With Your Baby, displays exactly this virtuosity."
-Mark Brady, Ph.D.
Author of A Little Book of Parenting Skills, and A Father's Book of Listening
Creator of the popular internet blog, "The Committed Parent"

"Dancing with Your Baby is a beautifully produced film that is a valuable resource for families who want to raise their children in a loving environment. The exercises and dances are excellent ways for parents and their babies to connect, relax and exercise their bodies, hearts and minds."
-John Rubenstein, MD, PhD
Distinguished Professor in Child Psychiatry
Neuroscientist at the Center for Neurobiology and Psychiatry
University of California at San Francsico