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"The challenge of translating deep wisdom from the neurosciences into ordinary language capable of being understood by human beings under three years old is a considerable one. To see such a "translation" accomplished with consummate skill, elegance and artistic integrity, is to witness real genius at work. Jackie Long's new video, Yoga With Your Baby, displays exactly this virtuosity."
-Mark Brady, Ph.D.
Author of A Little Book of Parenting Skills, and A Father's Book of Listening
Creator of the popular internet blog, "The Committed Parent"

Jackie Long, MA is a yoga & meditation teacher as well as a Marriage & Family THerapist. Currently, Jackie has a private practice in Los Altos as a Marriage & Family Therapist (License # 47100) where she supports people on the path of self discovery, personal growth, and more fulfilling relationships with self and others. She holds degrees in Neuropsychology from Princeton University and Counseling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She was trained in meditation under the guidance of Buddhist monk Ajahn Nayanarato in Ajahn Chah's forest monastery in Kanchanaburi, Thailand and was trained to teach yoga at Swami Satchidananda's Integral Yoga Center. Jackie feels deep gratitude for all of her mentors who have guided her on the path of moving through life more consciously.

Jackie believes we can create a more compassionate world one family at a time as parents become more mindful of themselves and more attuned to their children in the moment. To find out more about Jackie, her retreats, and her classes for adults, please visit www.YogaWithLove.com.

Jackie can be reached at Jackie@yogawithlove.com.