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Mindful Parenting:
Raising kids with calm bodies, quiet minds, and open hearts!

Even for the most experienced yoga & mediation practitioner, it is all too easy to react unconsciously in moments of stress and overwhelm. Implicit memories (memories stored in a non-verbal area of the brain that are not able to be explicitly recalled) often flood the brain when a parent gets triggered. The emotional overwhelm during these moments often unknowingly has deep roots in the past. The challenge is to cultivate the capacity to ground and center (practicing mindfulness of breath and body can be helpful) so that a parent can "wake up" to the moment at hand and make a conscious choice about how to respond, rather than simply being imprisoned by unconscious, habitual patterns with roots in the past.

With awareness, choice is possible. Mindful parenting is a practice, and requires support and guidance. Working with a therapist can help parents gain more insight into their behavior, making choice more possible.

Jackie Long is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT #47100), working in private practice in Los Altos, CA and Half Moon Bay, CA.  Jackie is passionate about supporting people on the path of parenthood, and she believes the world will be a more compassionate place as more people commit to the path of parenting more consciously.

To schedule a private consultation with Jackie in person or on the phone, or to inquire about her services, please call (650) 296-2299 and leave a message.

Jackie Long
4966 El Camino Real, Suite #115
Los Altos, CA 94019
(650) 296-2299