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"Most toys today encourage babies to entertain themselves. Jackie's program encourages heartfelt human contact, which is what babies need most for healthy development."
-Daniel Aronzon, MD, Pediatrician, President and CEO, Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Yoga With Your Baby is a heartfelt program that helps parents & grandparents connect with children through music, movement and mindfulness. In this lyrical masterpiece, Jackie Long offers yoga for your baby and mindfulness practices for you in an engaging and interactive format. The program is calming, soothing and centering. Cultivate compassionate awareness and help boost your child's neuromuscular development as you stretch, breathe, sing soothing songs and explore playful movement together!                        Purchase now!

We care about Mother Earth! Our DVD is packaged in  an eco-friendly case made from recycled materials. All artwork is printed with vegetable-based ink to reduce the impact on the environment.


Benefits for your baby:

Throughout this program, you will be encouraged to gently move
your baby's body rhythmically as you sing with the movements.
This rhythmic movement is based on modified yoga poses and has
the following benefits for your baby:

  • Facilitates digestion
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases balance
  • Promotes healthy brain development

Neuroscientific research suggests that the attuned presence of the primary caregiver, as encouraged in this program, promotes healthy development of an infant's brain. Psychological research indicates that empathic mirroring, as encouraged in the DVD, facilitates a young child's self-understanding, which can have a positive effect on emotional resilience and psychological well-being later in life.    Read inspiring testimonials from parents!

Benefits for you:
  • Introduces playful, easy, interactive yoga poses
  • Calms and grounds you, so you can relax into a state of attunement
  • Supports a respectful, loving interaction with your baby
  • Encourages physical, mental & emotional levels of connection
  • Facilitates enjoyment of your relationship with your child
  • Helps you develop mindfulness & cultivate compassionate awareness
  • Increases strength and flexibility

By watching this DVD, you will learn:
  • 15 playful baby yoga poses
  • 20 practices for you, including: yoga postures, deep relaxation, breathing practices and meditation
  • Inspiring songs to sing (including original songs by Jackie Long)
  • Mindfulness based parenting practices
  • A playful way to change your baby's diaper (click to view)